May 21, 2018 ・ Written by T.J. Duane

The Best Question To Ask Your Interviewer

It's bold, it works wonders, and you should use it.

The Best Question To Ask Your Interviewer

You’re in the final interview for a coveted new job (the home stretch!) You’ve aced the interviewer’s questions…you think. You’ve started to breathe again. But you know that one more thing is coming. The meta-question.

“Do you have any more questions for me?”

What do you say if you’ve got no more concerns about the role or the company? In earlier interviews you’ve already shown that you’re both curious and choosy. But what if there’s nothing left? You just really want the job.

Here’s what we recommend – take this as an opportunity to get some of the most valuable feedback of your professional life. And show off a really awesome personality quality in the process. Try asking:

“What hesitations do you have about hiring me?”

It’s a bold move, we know. But if you’re not afraid of what the answer might be, you should absolutely ask this question.

Here’s why it’s a great way to end your interview:

1) It shows you’re open to feedback.

This is an incredible quality in both leaders and employees. The ability to not just accept feedback, but solicit it actively is a rare thing. It takes a high level of self-awareness to be able to look at yourself from someone else’s perspective.

Being able to evaluate yourself critically, see where you can improve, and move forward with confidence is a superpower. Show them you’ve got it.

2) You can address their concerns head on.

Interviewing is tricky business. Employers are likely to read between the lines, and perhaps not address their concerns about you in a straightforward way. Asking this question gives them an opportunity to say what they really think.

Some doubts you won’t be able to explain away. After all, there’s only one real way to find out if someone’s right for the job – trial by fire. But acknowledging any shortcomings and providing context where appropriate are both appropriate, super professional responses.

3) You’ll get important knowledge to carry forward.

It might sting to hear what’s really stopping you from getting the job, but that’s essential information you can use in your next interview.

After all, it’s better to find out that you’re stuttering too much under pressure than to be left wondering if your skills aren’t up to snuff. When job hunting, knowledge really is power.

So go forth! Put this question in your interview toolbox, and let us know if it helps you land your next job.