Lesson 5: Professional Social Perfection

You’ve done a ton of valuable networking prep so far — today’s the day you’re going to start putting yourself out there. You don’t need an incredibly polished persona to network effectively. You just need to be your best self, and tell your true story. A low-pressure way to start is with your social media.

Whether you’re job hunting or just looking to make new connections, your online presence is crucial. If you’re cold emailing or messaging people, expect them to Google you before they reply.

What will they see when they do?

If they find a bunch of blank or out-of-date professional profiles, it’ll lead to confusion. Where do you work? What’s your background? Are you even a real person?

Don’t let those questions trip up your networking efforts. You’re already on the way to getting a great professional photo, but there’s more to it than that. You’ve got to tell your story in a consistent way online.

Remember this worksheet? You’ve already got a succinct story about yourself that can be shaped into your bio or elevator pitch for BrightCrowd and LinkedIn.

Today’s Assignment:

Use this checklist to update all of your professional profiles online. Smile. You are super productive!

Extra Credit: If you’re a creative professional, definitely spend some time on your portfolio! Link to work samples directly on each profile, so people can immediately understand how great your work is.


Up Next: We can’t ignore your whole social media presence, right? On Friday we’ll look at Twitter and Insta and Facebook, oh my!