Lesson 8: Meet Helpful Alumni

All right. Today’s the day.

You’ve got the goods (that stellar resume, web presence, and message template), now you’re going to share them with the world. We’re going to start slow, by messaging a group that’s highly likely to have your back — alumni.

There’s something pretty special about alumni connections. You might have shared memories, you’ll know the same traditions and same geography.

All this is awesome for forging a connection, even with a perfect stranger. Here’s how to send a winning message to people who share your alma mater. Now you’re going to put the theory into practice.

Here’s how you’ll get there (in 5 steps).

  1. Go to BrightCrowd, of course.
  2. Browse or Search for folks in your area, or in your field. When you see somebody interesting…
  3. Read all about them (use Google, if there’s not enough information on their BrightCrowd profile). Find out what they’re like, and if you have any common interests or background.
  4. Customize your message (remember, the ones from Monday?) to include something about them — the reason you reached out, or a shout-out to something you’ve got in common (in addition to your alma mater, of course).
  5. Hit send. You did it!

Today’s Assignment:

Send 3 messages to alumni on BrightCrowd, asking for a quick informational interview or phone call.

Extra Credit: Why stop there? If you see more than 3 cool people who’d be great to speak with, message them. Not everyone will reply, so don’t get too worried if you don’t hear back. It’s appropriate to send a follow-up message in a week, but if there’s still no reply, let it go.


Up Next: Keep on expanding your professional circle, by reaching out to people in your industry.