Lesson 9: Get out in your industry!

You took some awesome steps this week. Take a second to pat yourself on the back.

You Did Good

You started reaching out to alumni so that you can learn more about their work. Maybe you even got some warm replies? (If so, high five.)

Hopefully you’ve begun to think creatively about how networking can help your career. Speaking with people who’ve been there before can point you in fresh directions (and perhaps connect you to great companies).

But building a career is a long game, there aren’t many shortcuts. That’s why it can be so tough to get started — but you did, so you’ve already won. Today let’s build on your success.

Be bold. Go outside your alumni network.

Find contact information for folks in your area who have your dream career using Google or LinkedIn. Send some messages…remember to do a little research first. If you see somebody who works at a great company or who’s killing it as a freelancer, reach out.

Today’s Assignment:

Message 3 folks outside your alumni network, via email or LinkedIn, for an informational interview. Remember your template, and the elements of a successful cold outreach message.

Extra Credit Non-Optional Reminder: Remember to reply quickly and to handle the logistics when somebody writes you back! Set up the calendar invite, and work with their schedule. It’s just good manners.


Next Week: Hopefully you’ll have some great interviews scheduled very soon! Next week you’ll prepare to have productive and positive chats with the folks you’ve reached out to this week.