March 5, 2018 ・ Written by T.J. Duane

Job searching is more about relationships than resumes

Job searching is more about relationships than resumes

BrightCrowd has always been about the human side of networking. It’s a no-judgement zone where you can get career advice, or offer your expertise. BrightCrowd is, quite simply, a community of professionals helping each other get ahead.

Now we’re bringing that friendly dynamic to your job hunt or recruiting process. In addition to offering your advice or asking for help in a casual way, you can now post and search for jobs on BrightCrowd. Here’s the how and why:

For Candidates – you can make an impression.

You can not only apply to jobs on BrightCrowd, you can present yourself as a candidate! Click Find a Job to tell the world what you’re about, and what kind of role you’re looking for.

Tips to make your “I’m searching!” post awesome:

  1. Share a little about your background and interests! Talk about your education, your research, and what topics excite you.
  2. Include specifics about what kind of company culture and job role appeals to you. Details about what matters to you can help the right employer find you.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. We’re a less formal job marketplace, so your post can have personality. After all, employers are looking for people (not robots).

For Recruiters – share opportunities in a more human way.

BrightCrowd members are top notch. Many of them went to top ten schools, many of them are entrepreneurs, and all of them are ready to advance their careers. Smart recruiting is about connecting with exactly the right people, not just casting a wide net.

BrightCrowd shows you unexpected personal connections with candidates that can lead to enriching conversations, and unexpected collaborations.

Tips for an amazing job listing:

  1. Think about who you want in the role. Don’t just describe the functions of the job. Think about your perfect candidate. Their temperment, how they interface with the team, and any cool special skills that would set them apart.
  2. Share your perks! Be as upfront as possible about the benefits you offer, and your company culture. You want to attract people who are as excited about you as you are about them.
  3. Respond to personal messages. BrightCrowd members are amazing, and not afraid to put themselves out there. Be sure to write back when an applicant comes knocking at your door! Even a quick confirmation message means a lot to somebody who’s job hunting.

So go ahead! Check out jobs on BrightCrowd today.