January 2, 2018 ・ Written by T.J. Duane

BrightCrowd’s Rules of Engagement

What makes networking painless? It’s simple. Be kind.

BrightCrowd’s Rules of Engagement

When people ask me what BrightCrowd’s all about, I tell them this (more or less):

BrightCrowd is about helping people be helpful.

This isn’t a social network in the traditional sense. It’s not about likes, views, hearts, stars, horseshoes, or whatever the metric du jour is. It’s about real people making genuine human connections, sharing advice and helping each other move forward.

I know this sounds idealistic, but it’s true. Every time I hear about a fantastic connection that started on BrightCrowd, I do a little happy dance. Tweet @BrightCrowd with yours, it’ll make my day.

So, what’s the secret sauce, you ask? After observing a ton of collaborations born on BrightCrowd, I think I know the answer. And it’s mostly stuff we learned in kindergarten, but might have forgotten along the way.

1) Teamwork makes the dream work.

When two people come together to help one another, you can’t go wrong. We would never have left the caves without some next-level cooperation. You can spend hours Googling for advice on complex topics, or you can get the real-world scoop from your Crowd. Great accomplishments are always a team effort.

2) It’s not about showing off, it’s about showing up.

While many of us are branding experts, BrightCrowd isn’t the place to put up a social-media ready veneer. Be yourself. Treat BrightCrowd like a group of real friends, not like a conference swarming with potential clients. Talk about what you’re passionate about, your experiences, your aspirations, and what you need to get there. Put it all on the table.

3) Make offline connections.

BrightCrowd is just a jumping-off point. Get on a quick phone call (when was the last time you did that?) or meet for coffee if you can. It’s a little like online dating - what’s the point if you never meet IRL? We love technology, but it’s no substitute for real human connections.

4) Share what you’ve been through.

It’s ok to let folks know where you’re coming from. Every one of us - no matter how successful - has faced challenges. Don’t be shy about sharing. This is a professional no judgement zone. After all, your lived experience is someone else’s breakthrough revelation.

5) Be a good.

The professional world is not a competition, and people aren’t a means-to-an-end. So BrightCrowd is not a job board or an ad platform. When you post for help be sure to introduce yourself & add context to your posts - there are real people on the other side. Treat them like friends from the start. Give help generously, receive it gratefully.

So if these values sound appealing, welcome to BrightCrowd! You should dive deeper into our growing community, where generous people go to share their expertise.

Go ahead! Ask for help. Offer your skills. Make the world a little (or a lot) better. I’ll see you there!