December 20, 2017 ・ Written by T.J. Duane

Welcome to your Crowd!

All the helpful people you actually know and care about.

Welcome to your Crowd!

Think for a second - how many people do you know well enough that you would help them if they asked? It’s probably quite a few!

Word on the street (if you’re an anthropologist) is that humans can maintain real, meaningful relationships with around 150 other people. ** This was the rule of thumb when we lived in tribes and villages, and it still holds today.

We think about this group of people - the ones you actually know and care about - as your Crowd.

Your Crowd is everybody who would help you out in a jam. The people in your Crowd can offer advice, connect you with a friend, or help you with a problem. They’re the folks you know well enough to recommend for a job, or call for a favor.

What’s more, the people in your Crowd are willing to help each other, because they all know and respect you. If you’ve ever introduced a friend looking for advice to another friend who could give that advice, you know how this works. Your Crowd is about trusted connections and new collaborations.

The best part? Assuming that everyone in your Crowd knows 100 people you don’t, that’s 15,000 people who are probably happy to help you.

Those thousands of yet-to-be-discovered helpful people – the crowds of all the people you know? They’re your BrightCrowd.

Your BrightCrowd is your real professional network. The people you have a trusted connection with, who can share their expertise and help you out. Those 15,000 folks have skills you wouldn’t believe, they live all over the world, work in almost every industry, and can answer just about any question.

The first step to meeting them? Jump into your Crowd!

**: For more nerdy social science, check out Robin Dunbar’s book, Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language.